What Flavor Ice Cream Would I Be?


I was given this writing prompt a couple months ago. I completed the writing prompt and never did anything with it. After reading it again today, I decided to post it.


Chocolate ice cream is fairly plain. It’s one of the most basic flavors you can get from ice cream. It’s not as simple as vanilla, but it’s almost there. You won’t find any surprises in the flavor of that sweet, classic flavor. It’s exactly the kind of comfort you’d look for when troubled.

The softness of marshmallows makes you hold them with a lighter hand than you do peanuts or cashews. Marshmallows are vulnerable, weak. They are flexible and most often bounce back, but squeeze them too tightly and they will become permanently disfigured. Stretch them too far and they will tear. They don’t tear in a straight line that is easily fixed. No, they tear in a jagged, splintered and web-breaking pattern that can never be mended.

Almonds on the other hand, those take a great deal to break. You can’t just squeeze one between your fingers and expect it to bend to your will. The salty and brave almond will stand the toughest tests (until it makes contact with your teeth of course). You can only eat so many almonds before you need a break from them, before you need water to refresh your mouth and gullet. They are a delicious treat, but brutal in their own odd way.

These make for a very odd combination indeed. The warmth and familiarity of chocolate mixed with unforgiving, frozen cream. The susceptibility of the marshmallow in comparison to the stubbornness of the almond. Yet, here I am. Rocky Road in the flesh. In the snap of a finger I can switch from Almond Mule to Marshmallow Dog. I can provide a Chocolate Shoulder for anyone to cry on and the next day become the Queen of Ice Mountain.

I’m not as elegant as French Silk or Bourbon Praline Pecan. I’m not as sweet as Dulce de Leche or White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. I’m not as rich as Double Fudge Brownie or Chocolate Fudge Cores. I’m definitely not as complicated as Honey Salted Caramel Almond and not nearly as classic as Neapolitan.

I am what I am. I would love to boast a name such as Caramel Praline Perfection. Perfection! In the name! Or maybe Cake & Cookie Fantasy. Caramel Delight? But I’m afraid I’m leaning closer to Peanut Butter Overload or Espresso Chocolate Cookie Crumble.

I’m OK with Rocky Road for now. I’ll keep my mixture of classic, sweet, and salty for the time being.


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