I Am Nothing and No One – Part Two

Laughter rains through the air

Like the torrential downpour a thirsty jungle must feel

Heads are thrown back in arcs of pure delight

A hand or two comes down on the table

Sharp, quick snapping sounds echo through the carpetless room

My lips curl upward, fighting gravity a millimeter at a time

I bare my teeth and laughter escapes from deep within

This practiced gesture, this actor’s gimmick is one I’ve done before

The woman inside runs her claws along my skull

They’re laughing at you, she says

With such lack of feeling that I cough and my laughter dies

A word is said, a jab is served and the thunder of laughter roars on

This jungle has turned cold

The rain soaks deep into my essence

The woman’s fingers curl around my throat

As the chilling rain drops grow larger, beat down harder

I study the group

Looking for a hint of recognition

Someone please see through this practiced smile

This facade I’ve donned

Blood does not create links of this nature

Her fingers tighten and my world is lost in darkness

Her voice is colder than the ice now falling from the sky

You are nothing and no one


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