Nieces and Nephews

Their smiles are brighter than the sun.

Their hugs are warmer than the hottest day of summer.

The sound of your name on their lips for the first time is as beautiful as a symphony.

Their giggle fills the air like fog on a cool morning.

The drawing they give you is more precious than gems.

Their eyes shine when they see you coming up the drive.

Their flat out run to your arms can bring a smile to your face no matter the day you’ve had.

They take you back to being a kid yourself.

They bring out your inner goofball.

They confide in you like you’re their best friend.

They share their secrets and dreams.

They fill your heart with so much love you feel there’s no room for any other emotion.

They are the light of the moon on the darkest of nights.

They are the children you didn’t give birth to.

They are the friends you never knew you needed.

They are the sweetness that dissolves the bitter.

They are nieces and nephews.

My nieces and nephews bring so much joy to my life. Growing up I always wanted kids of my own. Then slowly, the older I got, my mind began to change. The path my life was headed down didn’t really have room for kids. I became a stepmom and that began to fill my need for children of my own. Why have a child of my own when I have such a beautiful, loving, and intelligent stepdaughter that I consider my own? 

Then came more nieces and nephews, my decision to go to school, my decision to try to make a living writing, and my realization that I like my freedom to go where I want, when I want without the need to find a babysitter. Now I’ve completely made up my mind to not have a child of my own. 

That being said, I can’t even begin to describe how much I love my nieces, nephews, and daughter. They make me laugh. They make me shake my head. They make me want to scream. They frustrate me. They bring out the best in me. When I hear my nephew tell me to hug the neighbor kids because “you give hugs and they need hugs too”, my heart practically explodes. When my daughter gives me a drawing with a bubble of words describing me and in the middle is “never hurts”, it brings peace to my soul. When my niece tells me that she feels  most comfortable talking to me about the tough situations in her life, I feel proud. If these are the things that come to mind when they think of me, then that’s all that matters.

I pour all the love I have on these children that are not my own and am rewarded with more than I could have ever asked. They may be part of the family, but they are so much more to me. They are the reason I am comfortable not having children of my own. They bring me so much joy and love that my mommy heart is full to the brim.


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