Author Promotion – Support Your Local Authors!

A few weeks ago I went to an author event at a local library. Although I haven’t had the chance to read their books yet, I feel the need to highlight them. These authors were very nice and offered me advice and talked to me about their own experiences. I have each of their books on my wish list and will be buying them over time. School is making it hard to read anything for pleasure, but each of these authors has something to offer and I’m making it my goal to read through each book within a year.


1. Jocelyn Dabney.

Jocelyn’s book Nana Bea and Me is a story about the love between a granddaughter and her grandmother. Jocelyn is a retired librarian and a member of The National Association of Black Storytellers among others. When I met her, she was very open about her writing and about her publishing process. The more I read about her online, the more surprised I am by how much I’m discovering. Not only is she the author of such a loving story, but she has conducted workshops and has accomplished quite a bit in her life. She was so down to earth and such a pleasure to meet.


2. Todd Cole.

Todd is a teacher and uses his job to encourage children to believe in themselves. His book, You are a Masterpiece, follows a young boy who discovers what it means to gain satisfaction in your own work and the inner peace of accomplishment. He doesn’t have a webpage as of yet, but I really enjoyed hearing his story of what it took to get published. I also could tell from our short time talking that he really does have a passion for teaching children to be happy with themselves and not rely on grand gestures to confirm their worth. He works to teach his students to appreciate themselves as they are.


3. Bob Whited.

Bob served in the Navy for 4 years and saw a lot during that time. He wrote Navy Grass to put his interesting stories on paper. I appreciated learning a little bit about his time in the service. Of course he couldn’t reveal too much or that would ruin the book ;-). The following link gives more information about Mr. Whited and his book. Robert Whited’s New Book “Navy Grass” is a Tell-All Memoir that Chronicles One Man’s Experience of Enlistment in the U.S. Navy During the Turbulent Early 1960’s.


4. M.E. Rich.

M.E. was really sweet. I could tell within a minute of talking to her how much helping children means to her. She works with children regularly on finding what makes them unique and even has a yoga class for kids. Freckles the Fabulous Fish is not only an excellent book for teaching children to find their inner strength and what makes them special, but some of the proceeds go to Juvenile Arthritis. It also includes illustrations from children at a local rehabilitation center; sweet drawings of each child’s interpretation of Freckles. Books can only be purchased at Three Sheep Gallery. Click here to read an article detailing more about Freckles and M.E. Rich.

As a bonus, M.E. sent home a couple hearts (that double as fish) and a baggie of decorations so that a special child in my life could make their own Freckles. Here are a couple pictures of two Freckles that my own nephews made:














5. Jackson Horvat.

Jackson is only 17 years old, but has already published two books in his series. His father was with him at the event and explained that Jackson has been writing stories since he learned to write. He was very energetic and showed passion for his writing. It was really encouraging to see someone so young chasing his dream and accomplishing so much! His series falls into the sci-fi category. So far he has published The Vortex Entrance and The Healer Enchantment which tell of a young man who discovers he has powers and is on a search for his mom.


6. Hugh G. Earnhart

The first thing I feel a need to mention about this author is that, along with two children’s books, he has published two recipe books; one of which is dedicated entirely to hot dogs! Hot dogs! Growing up on a solid diet of hot dogs, mac ‘n cheese, and PB&J, I was thrilled to see so many ways to cook a hot dog. Him and his wife were really sweet. He originally wrote The Forgotten Pumpkin for his grandkids. He was inspired by a single pumpkin in the back of a pumpkin patch that sat alone for a long time, no one venturing to pick it. He was convinced to turn it into a series by sending “The Forest Gang” to Washington, D.C. in A Day in D.C. with the Forest Friends.


7. David Kohut and Kathy Palumbo

Standing in the Presence of Greatness is David’s story put to text with Kathy’s help. Kathy had to leave so I only met her long enough to be introduced and shake her hand. I spoke with David for a bit longer and learned about the book they had written together. He spoke very highly of Kathy which impressed me because, even while talking about his book, he didn’t put much emphasis on himself. Their book is a sort of self-help book for turning bad situations into opportunities and seeing the greatness within yourself.


I hope you get a chance to check out their books and websites.  If you’ve already ready their work, let me know in the comments. Thanks for taking the time to support locally known authors! If you have authors near you that you would like me to know about, send me a link to their page and I’ll make sure to check them out!

As I like to make sure my information is correct – If you are one of the authors listed and see I have incorrect information listed, please Contact Me and I will update it!


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