The smell of fresh cut grass fills my nostrils.The rays of the sun warm my face. I close my eyes and soak in this summer feeling. I let myself be transported back home. The breeze brushes my cheek and reminds me of days spent playing outside.

The sound of the lawnmower reverberates in my ears, but to me, it’s peaceful. It’s silent in the rumble. It’s calm in the rage of the engine. As I pace up and down the yard, I’m lost in thought. This is where I’ve made up story after story. This is where I’ve worked through troubles of the week.

When I was younger, I would get so caught up in my stories that I would start speaking them aloud. I wouldn’t realize the words in my head were coming out of my mouth until I had completed a few strips. I’d close my mouth only to find it moving a few minutes later.

Some may find yard work daunting, but not me. To me it’s a peaceful place I go to think and dream and imagine. I don’t get interrupted. I don’t get distracted (too often). I don’t listen to music or news. My ears do not hold headphones that only create distractions.

I get lost in my thoughts. I’m isolated inside my own head. When I’m in my yard, alone and pacing its length, I go to sleep in this world and awake in another. It’s an escape to a place where anything is possible and it’s been that way for years.

Many don’t understand why I like it so much and that’s ok. Let them wonder why I would like a task that many dread. Let them be flabbergasted by my refusing to give up this chore. Let them wonder why a woman would like the dirty, smelly, and, occasionally, painful chore that is often delegated to men.

To me – it’s time travel. To me – it’s space travel. To me – it’s travel to another dimension. To me – it’s release. And besides, isn’t an attempt at release all I’m really after?


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