Making Progress

I’m finally making progress on building my own website and official author email address. I registered for my own domain ( and am working on setting up that website. It’s not up and running yet so the message you’ll get right now is not an error. I had thought about transferring everything from this site over there, but am now reconsidering. 

I think I may keep this site the way it is and use that site solely as my “author” page. Since I don’t have anything published though, I may resort to planting a link back to this site until I have something solid to post on it. I may also just use it to post contests I find or updates about how my book is coming along (for the record – very slowly).

I’m going to a local author event tomorrow and need to make up some business cards or something that I can hand out to try and network a little. I now have an email address specifically for this, my own website, and soon a Facebook profile used solely for the purpose of networking with other authors. I should probably also think about trying to reserve a Twitter handle because I guess that will be important at some point. It does seem unlikely that such a simple username as “rwfranklin” will be available though. I may need to get creative.

This felt like a big step. I haven’t really spent a lot of money on becoming an author. I’ve bought a few books and educational items, but nothing as large as my own domain. It makes it feel more official. It also will probably put a fire under my butt to actually get some stuff done that I’ve been putting off.


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