Today’s Yesterday’s boot camp prompt is was:

My Resignation 

After  years  of unhappiness,  you’ve  finally  had  enough  and  have  decided to  quit—but we’re not  talking  about  your job.  Write  a  letter  of resignation  to  someone  other  than  your employer—your  school, your family,  your favorite  sports team,  etc.

To whom it may concern:

This is to serve as my formal resignation. I am quitting effective immediately. I will not even try to keep this professional. I am fed up. I’ve had enough.

You and me work well together, I get that. But you’re not healthy for me. You delay things that need to be done sooner rather than later. You interfere with my daily life and even cause me to be late going into work.

You’ve turned my house into a mess. Because of you, dishes are piled on the sink. The living room is cluttered with papers, tools, and other things that should have found a home months ago. Because of our work together, I have a box of papers from the last 2 years that have not been sorted and filed properly.

Procrastination, we just can’t keep working together. It’s impossible for me to get anything done while we work together. I push things off until I forget about them altogether. I’m tired of feeling guilty because I have pushed off writing my book. I hate the rush of trying to figure out a good birthday plan for my husband because of our work together.

I’m done. I wish you the best in your work elsewhere and plan to accomplish much more on my own now that I have quit.


R.W. Franklin


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