Not A Family Home

Today’s boot camp prompt is:

Full  Disclosure 

They toured the house with the real estate  agent. “We  love it,” he said. “Is there  anything  we should know about the house’s past?” The agent looked down.

They toured the house with the real estate agent. “We love it,” he said. “Is there anything  we should know about the house’s past?” The agent looked down. It was a colonial so the young couple had guessed that there would be something wrong with it.

“Well…” The agent hesitated as he looked at the couple who waited expectantly. “Just some mold that was cleaned out. A few of the floors needed redone, that’s all.” He said in a rushed voice and ended with a smile. The couple looked at each other, then back at the agent.

“We haven’t seen the basement yet.” The wife said with a smile of her own. The agent’s face paled and he nodded.

“Right. That’s where the damage was the most extensive, but also where the least amount of cleanup was done.” The husband shrugged.

“OK, well let’s go look at the damage.” The agent slowly led them toward the basement door. He reiterated all the good qualities of the home as they made their way through the house. The couple was moving across the country and were trying to find a place to raise their soon-to-be family. 

This home seemed perfect with the three bedrooms upstairs as well as a master bedroom with its own master bath. The ground floor had an open floor plan that made the house feel bigger than it was. It also had a surprising number of large windows that let in the summer sun.

“He’s hiding something.” The wife whispered in her husband’s ear.

“I think something else happened. Maybe someone died in one of the rooms upstairs?” The wife nodded.

“I mean you just can’t beat natural, original, wood floors in this condition.” The agent was saying as he stopped in front of a door. The couple smiled and nodded. The husband reached for the door handle and the agent put out his hand.

“Please remember that this is an old house and, like I said, the mold damage was extensive in the basement. They had to gut most of it and what’s left isn’t very pretty.” 

“Yes, we’ll keep it in mind.” The husband said as he grasped the door handle. When he opened the door, a musky smell floated up from the dark steps. The husband flipped on the light and began to descend the stairs. The wife followed. The agent did not. The wife turned around when she realized he wasn’t coming.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you coming with us?” The agent clasped his hands in front of him.

“The ceilings are quite low in there and I’m very claustrophobic. I’ll wait here for you.” The wife eyed him suspiciously, but continued on. 

The musty smell grew the further down they went. The floors were a mixture of dirt and concrete. The ceilings were so low the couple had to bend forward to walk through. Steel weight-bearing rods stood in strategic places around the open basement. The concrete bricks that had once made up the walls were gone and it was only dirt that could cave in at any minute. The basement looked like it continued past the edge of the house.

“See that dark spot over there?” The husband asked pointing to the elongated area.

“Yeah, it looks like someone dug through the wall.” The husband pulled out his phone to use as a flashlight and began walking toward it. The wife pulled out her phone as well, but to Google the house instead.

“There’s a hole over here.” The husband said from across the room. “It’s at least eight feet deep. What could they have possibly been doing?”

“Hiding dead bodies.” The wife said. The husband turned to her.

“Well that’s the obvious guess.” He chuckled. “Maybe there was a sump pump that went bad. Or maybe their septic tank was here before the new regulations would have forced them to put a new one in outside.”

“No. They hid dead bodies.” The wife said again. “Police responded to a call on the 100-block of Havana Avenue today. The complaint was that there was a fowl smell coming from the home of Monica Fuller, 27. It has since been discovered that the house contains a hidden mass burial site behind the concrete walls of the basement. The smell of rotting bodies began to surface in the heat of summer. The number of bodies and any details related have yet to be released.” The husband began walking toward the wife.

“Today police have released more information on the Monica Fuller burial home. Fifteen child and four adult bodies have been uncovered so far as they continue to break down the walls of the home’s basement. The names of the victims have not been released, but Monica Fuller is in police custody.”

“Let’s get the fuck out of here.” The husband said when she had finished reading the articles.


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