The ABC’s

Today boot camp prompt is:

Alphabet Poem 

Write  a 26-line  poem  using all  the  letters  of the  alphabet.  Have the  first line  start  with the letter  “A,” the second “B,” the third “C,” etc.

All that consumes me is thought

By night, by day

Catatonic in my ways

Dead inside, alive outside

Everything has lost its color

Fear creeps into my spine

Gargoyles and goblins of my past emerge

Heart pounds against ribs

Intent on breaking free

Jagged nails scrape against stone

Light fades away from my hollowed place

Must I endure this forever

Never ending, never dying

On and on it seems to go

Push it down, far away

Quench their thirst

Serve them until death

Tell them what they want to hear

Until they cease to care

Violent are their moods

Wounding those along their path

Xerox copies of those gone before

Yelling inside my head

Zap. They’re gone


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