A Surprise

A week or two ago I ordered one book from the library and put another on hold. I had read a blog post and it inspired me to try and get my hands on a few books on writing.

The first is by William Strunk Jr. & E.B. White, The Elements of Style. The second – On Writing by Steven King. There were several other books on the post, but these two caught my attention the most and I decided I can eventually get all the books, but with both work and school, that maybe I should pace myself. 

I love Stephen King’s writing style so to find out he wrote a book on writing called On Writing! I was beyond excited. That was the first book I looked up on my local library’s webpage. I was a little sad to find all copies were checked out with additional holds on them, but I added my own hold to the list. 

I next looked for The Elements of Style. It was available! I requested it, picked it up after work, and jumped into it as soon as I was done with my homework. This compact book holds a wealth of information. I have only had 30 minutes every couple of days to read it, but am already on the last chapter. I’ve fallen asleep reading it because I’m too stubborn to put it down and get some much needed rest. I’ll also be reading it again to make sure it’s lessons sink in.

Yesterday I walked into the mailroom at work and found a large, padded envelope in my mailbox. I was slightly confused when I pulled it out because I didn’t remember ordering anything so heavy and boxy. As I walked back down the hallway toward my office, I opened the package. I expected to find some piece of equipment, such as a cable or power inverter. What I found instead were three books that had absolutely nothing to do with work.

A wide smile spread across my silly face as the confusion vanished and realization set in. My sweet, considerate, supportive husband had ordered these for me without my knowing. I had mentioned I wanted the two books I ordered from the library, but was surprised he added the third (Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott). It was such a coincidence that it was also one of the books on the mentioned blog post (he had not read the post). I was looking down at my books and smiling like a love struck sap as co-workers passed me in the hall. One even commented that I looked “really happy today”. Yes! Yes! I am really happy!

I canceled the hold on On Writing (as it has still not been made available) and switched to reading my own personal copy of The Elements of Style! I didn’t have time to return the library’s copy last night, but I will tonight because who needs the library’s copy when you have your own!

Thank you Cristian for posting that list of books!

You can read the post about good books on writing here.


2 thoughts on “A Surprise

  1. On Writing and The Elements of Style are two fantastic books about the craft. On Writing not only includes King’s process but is also sort of a memoir (as the subtitle states) and The Elements of Style is a wonderful book to have on hand for consultation as a writer. Great post!

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