The Cost of Inspiration

Inspiration isn’t free.

It comes with a price tag.

The cost can be high.

The cost​ can be low.

It all depends on the risk you’re willing to take.

Inspiration comes in many forms.

It may be the subtle hint of a memory from long ago.

It may be the dream you had last night.

It may be the hard lesson you learned and will never forget.

It may be a lack of inspiration that pushes you to reach beyond your comfort.

Either way, there is always a fee.

A piece of you is left behind with that inspiration.

A piece of your heart.

A piece of your mind.

When you write, inspiration is the currency and your soul is the one to pay up.

Recovery is tough.

Recovery is found in the feedback.

How little that recovery is!

We write more than anyone will ever read.

Our return is so small.

Is the investment worth it?

It is to me.


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