A Close Call

Hands twist inside my stomach

They claw at my throat

My eyes burn

Hot tears slide down my cheeks

I can’t breathe

The floor is hard on my hip, my shoulder

The carpet scratches my face

My body shakes

My knees instinctively curl toward my chest

What am I supposed to do?

What could I possibly do?

It would ruin me

I couldn’t live

I couldn’t move on

Every move I’d make would be rigid with pain

Darkness would consume my soul

The world would hold no joy

The sun would grow cold and hostile

The faces a blur

As my body shakes

As my vision melds into indistinct objects

As I lay halfway between the hall and the bedroom

As I think about what could have happened

I feel my heart tearing

I feel my muscles tightening

I feel the life being pulled away from me

I feel him being pulled away

This can’t happen

I won’t let it happen

I will be at his side

My light will not leave this world

The reason the sun shines

The smile that lights the room

I will pick myself up

I will wipe my tears

I will be at his side

And I will not give up

I will fight until my dying day


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