A Trying 5 Days

It all started Wednesday. It was a day packed to the brim. In preparation for a large company meeting I pushed myself into hyper drive and didn’t stop even after I got in my car at the end of the work day. I came home to make dinner, clean up a bit, pack, and try to squeeze in some quality time with my husband before turning in early.

I woke up early on Thursday to make sure I had time to pick up the rental before going into work. I step through the door at work and immediately retrieve a few “emergency” items for our receptionist to hang on to in case issue should arise while my boss and I are out of town. As soon as I get her the items, my boss rounds the corner and asks if I’m ready. We load the car and head down the road. I drive. I like doing long drives. I get car sick and being the driver gives me something to focus on if conversation dies away. It was a pretty uneventful 4 & 1/2 hour drive.

We get to the hotel where our event is being held and find out we can’t get checked in because their systems are down. While we wait for a few of the other employees to arrive, we sit in the lobby and get a small break. I order a cell phone for an employee so I’m not technically taking a break, but it’s an easy task. Finally the hotel receptionist calls my name and checks me in. We have just enough time to drop our luggage in the rooms when our coworker calls and says to leave right away and find a place for lunch.

This may need explanation. There are some people in the company we can’t relax around. They just aren’t our “people” and we’d prefer to eat without them. The coworker who called, we’ll call her Alice, is not one of those people and she is trying to avoid seeing said people. Alice is frantic because she tends to spaz and so there we are, rushing back out the door hoping not-our-people don’t show up before we get to the car. We go to lunch, have a few moments to relax and then head back to the venue. We get another small (15 minute) break before setting up the banquet room.

Setting up the room takes two and a half hours and, of course, my boss and I are the last ones still setting up while everyone else has retreated to the bar. Forty minutes after everyone else, we arrive at the hotel bar, ready to eat and drink. Now is the point in the day where I officially relax. After nearly 13 hours of some form of work, I stop talking about the meeting and avoid that topic. I go to bed only an hour or so later and my stomach is still in knots.

The prep for this meeting has been horrible on the organizer’s side. We’ve done everything we (my boss and I) can, but we still think it’s going to be a flop and that it will somehow come back on us. It also doesn’t help that my husband is still seeing double. He told me this morning that, at a distance, he is seeing double. He claims it is because he was playing our Vive without setting the pupillary  distance properly and so he strained his eyes. I tell him he should get it checked out and he assures me he will if it’s still happening tomorrow. I lay in bed wide awake for over an hour. I also have two presentations to do in the morning so that is not helping my nausea. I look at the clock and groan. I need to be up in 4 hours and I always feel horrible with so little sleep. I finally fall asleep.

My night is an alternation between waking and, while asleep, dreaming about the meeting. I spend my four hours of “sleep” in torture. I get up when my alarm sounds and get ready. I go downstairs to find my boss setting up. We go to work to complete the final touches. The morning goes well. I make it though my presentations and, although I’m nervous as hell while I stand with over 100 faces staring at me, no one has any idea how much I’m freaking out. We don’t hit a snag until 12:15 when the presentation computer freezes. We figure out the cause and get it fixed in about 5 minutes. The rest of the day goes off without a hitch.

We finally leave, starting the 4 hour drive back to the office. I’ll drop my boss off at the office where his car is and I’ll go back to drop off the rental. Mid-way through the trip, I get notification that I can’t return the rental. It is an office pool car and normally I use my key to open the gate after hours, but the gate is broken. Now I have to worry about driving a company car over the weekend and what that could mean if someone hits me or I get pulled over for some reason. Three hours from home, I get a text from my husband that he is going to urgent care for his double vision. Two hours from home, I get a text they are sending him to the hospital in an ambulance for high blood pressure.

I spend the rest of the trip texting and calling to try and get details from him on what is going on. Finally we get back to the office and I can be on my way. I meet him at the ER, still dressed in my business casual presentation outfit, luggage waiting in the car. They decide to admit him overnight to try and bring his blood pressure down. He assures me he will be alright and that I should go home to change and feed the cats. I reluctantly leave his side to do just that. I also pack a small bag with a change of clothes for him to wear when we leave the hospital the next day.

I don’t go to sleep until after midnight, having been up for a very long 21 hours. I sleep better tonight considering I am at least in the same room as my husband. I wake up every couple of hours to listen to the nurse read off his blood pressure, making a mental note of if it has come down at all. I wake up only 6 hours after going to sleep. I make a short trip to the house to check on the cats and clean myself up. My husband repeatedly tells me he’s fine and that I should go home and chill. I repeatedly tell him I don’t want to go home and that I will only go if I’m bothering him.

I can tell he doesn’t want me worrying about him and that he feels like a bother, but the truth is that I will worry more if I’m at home. If I’m at the hospital with him I am aware of what is happening. If I’m at home I’m thinking of only the worst that could be happening. Finally after dinner I get him to realize I’m not going anywhere and that this is where I want to be. He even gets a few visitors tonight. A doctor orders a barrage of tests and tells us he will be staying another night.

Today has been quieter. The results of a few of the tests have come back clear and the results of the others will take a few days, but he should be able to go home tomorrow. We’ve both had to call off work. I will have to return the rental tomorrow, even though I’m not going in to work. Someone needs it though, so that means I need to take it back. The last 5 days have been jam packed. I feel like I’ve only had a moment here and there to truly relax. My anxiety has been at an all time high. My emotions have been all over the place and I’m exhausted.

Oh and on top of all this, I’ve had to catch up on homework that I couldn’t get to while traveling. It’s been a trying 5 days and I just can’t wait to get home with my husband to have things go somewhat back to normal.


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