A Night on the Roof

The night is quiet. It’s warm with the slightest of breezes. The trees whisper softly and crickets chirp faintly. The ribbit of a frog can be heard from time to time as well. There are no cars to be heard though. It’s too late and too rural an area for that. The only unnatural light is on the other side of the house and does not land on this spot.

The sky is wide above us. The deep expanse of an unknown universe staring back as we gaze. The blankets under our backs prevent the rough shingles from scratching the skin of our arms and legs. The sky is so clear that there isn’t a even single cloud to blur the immense view of sparkling stars. It’s gorgeous out here. There are so many stars. They shine so clearly, so brightly when they don’t have the florescent glow of street lights to contend with. Even the subtle fog that rises from a small city can block them out, but not here. Out here they are free to land their four year old light on us.

It’s amazing to think about that. Every twinkle you see and every little speck of light is already older than you. It’s already 4 years matured since the last moment you set your eyes to the sky and it’s origin 4 years older than that. If they were able to talk, what things would they say?

As we lay looking up at the stars we talk. This may sound cliché, but it’s about everything and nothing at the same time. We talk about our days, our friends. We talk about things I can’t even remember now. The words don’t matter so much as the feeling. What made the four of us go up there that night? A whim? Or was it actually a gut feeling that this would be a perfect series of moments? Someone saw how clear the sky was and suggested we go up and lay on the roof to soak it in. So we did. Without hesitation or thought.

It’s a memory soaked in peace. It’s soaked in happiness and love. Friendship and laughter. I don’t remember how long we stayed up there. It’s been such a long time since that night. So much has happened, so much has changed. But that night will never change. On that night we’ll always be 17 & 18 year olds just enjoying the freedom that only 17 & 18 year olds can feel. On that night we were as happy as four friends can be. On that night we just existed in the moment. We existed to appreciate the beauty of the night sky and, even if we didn’t recognize it at the time, the beauty of highschool friendship.


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