Black or White

From here it looks like a plain wall. From here it is just flat white paint on drywall. I close my eyes and clear my head. My mind is the white wall. My mind is clean, untouched, unspoiled. Slowly I lift my lids. Darkness closes in behind me. The wall is the only light left. Black is behind me, white is ahead. 

Suddenly there is a shift in the white. My eyes see, unblinking. I watch the swirl of colors dance across the white wall. They bounce from here to there, making the soft sound of a paint brush upon canvas. Images are formed and lost in seconds. It’s as if the wall knows. The images are my memories. The colors gather and then swirl, indistinct again. They depict a scene from my life and are gone again as quick as the moment itself.

I am mesmorized. I can’t take my eyes off this magical wall. The darkness seems to creep closer. It starts to hug against my sides. It wants to draw me away. The wall wants me more. It tugs on me as well. They fight for me, the black and the white. I stand unblinking before my life. Or at least the memory of my life.

The images become clearer and more recent. They stay for half a heartbeat longer than before. It doesn’t matter. They still disappear just like the others. There is a sharp clap and the colors separate completely. They disappear to either side of the wall and are swallowed by the black. I hear a creak, no two creaks. I look along the wall and see the thin outline of a door slowly swinging open. The darkness behind the door sends a chill down my spine. I look around for the source of the second creak. 

There! In the far distance of the black, a sharp line can be seen. I watch closely. Curiosity is weighing against fear. There is a lull as the door opens so, so slowly. The color and warmth penetrate only a small portion of the darkness. But how much warmth and inviting color is in that small amount of light!

I glance back at the door in the white wall. I realize I am standing directly between the two and that I must make a decision. The silence screams in my ears. The wall had held all the warmth, but the darkness of its door is terrifying. The darkness is cold and unyielding, but there is vibrance behind its door. I take a step. I hope I chose well.


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