Feminism and Politics – Part 2

Welcome to the mostly feminist part of the posts!

Please keep in mind these are my thoughts and opinions, not something someone is channeling through me. I’m also not looking up hard facts and making references because I just don’t have the time right now, but also really want to express my views on my most neutral medium.

Image that sparked these two posts:

I feel Ashley Barnette does not fully understand the reason behind women fighting for equal pay. This is just one of many posts I’ve seen from women opposing the Women’s Rights Movement.

First of all – A woman sitting in an air conditioned cube is not fighting to be paid the same as a man putting up solar panels in the heat of the Arizona desert. The woman sitting in the air conditioned cube is fighting to be paid the same as the man doing the same job in the next cube over. It’s the woman in the desert fighting to be paid the same as her male counterpart. Women fighting for equal pay are fighting for equal pay so that when, say, a male technician quits a job, the female (with the same qualifications, experience, and knowledge) that is hired to replace him will be paid the same

Second of all – You’re a woman. Do your research before spouting off and bad mouthing women who are trying to make a change for your benefit. Don’t call them disrespectful. They are champions leading a cause to break free of the notions that women are only good for cooking, cleaning, air conditioned jobs, and having babies. These women are fitting for the rights of the women doing “the hard work of our country’s men”.

Third of all – I support my man. I love my man. I respect my man and I understand he deserves every hard earned dollar he gets. But I’ll be damned if I’m not making the same as him doing the same exact job. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be mad at him. He isn’t the one making the decisions on salary. I’ll be mad at the men making those decisions and deciding because I’m a woman I don’t deserve to be paid the same rate. The marches for Women’s Rights aren’t about disrespecting men. They are about equality. They are about the respect of women and their value.

For the sake of clarity I’m going to call women like Ashley here Non-Supporters (or NS’s). It saddens me to see NS’s because they just don’t realize that the only reason they can even voice their opinion so strongly is because of the Women’s Rights Movements from the past. If it weren’t for the women who decide “Enough is enough, I won’t be treated like less of a human because my body has a vagina instead of a penis”, NC’s would be shut up in their houses pregnant with 2 other kids running around them with no option to get out and do more.

Even if you don’t want to get out there and fight yourself or even if you disagree with their methods (and trust me, those who were rioting do not have my approval), you still need to respect their courage to fight for something bigger than themselves. Do you really think the women who took a personal day to march are going to come back to the same sexist work environment and things will have changed? No. Things will not have changed. But their fighting so that maybe in the future they will. Maybe the next generation will get to see equality.
Last little note before I finish:

I want equal rights. And that also means men’s rights. I don’t want a boy’s masculinity to be questioned because he wants to play with dolls, become a dancer, or because he enjoys romance movies/books. I don’t want men to be questioned because they want to be stay-at-home dads. I don’t want men to be ridiculed for being receptionists and assistants. Men deserve to do what they love most without being told they need to be doing manly work. Stop telling people what they should do and start letting them believe in everything they could do. Let them soar! How amazing it would be if we all let each other become the best version of ourselves without fear of ridicule!


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