Feminism and Politics – Part 1

I was going to make this one post, but it’s turning out to be rather long. That being said, I’m going to make it a two parter. Please keep in mind these are my thoughts and opinions, not something someone is channeling through me. I’m also not looking up hard facts and making references because I just don’t have the time right now, but also really want to express my views on my most neutral medium.

Image that sparked these two posts:

Note: The image sparked mostly Part 2, but that brought up some thoughts that I’m jotting down in Part 1

Welcome to the mostly political part of the posts!

So with everything that’s been happening in the US of late, I’m in awe of some of my peers. We have Trump for president. We have Women’s Rights marches. We have innocent Muslims now banned from a country many of them are citizens of. We have rioting in our streets and airports. We have Pro-Life marches to counter the Women’s Rights marches (wait…WHAT? I’ll have to come back to that later). Neighbors are arguing with neighbors. Friend’s and family’s relationships are falling apart because they can’t agree to disagree. Other countries hate us and don’t want our new president to set foot on their land (let’s face it – who can blame them?).

I have been limiting my social media interaction since about the 1st of the year. People are just too hateful. I don’t mind people speaking their mind (I’d be a hypocrite to not be OK with it since I’m speaking my mind), but I don’t understand being so hateful. I also don’t understand how so many people can get the facts so wrong. I don’t pay attention to the news that often and I don’t like politics, but I still know the difference between fact and propaganda better than some people I see.

This post (or rather the post to follow) is going to be mainly about my feelings toward those opposing the Women’s Rights Movement. However, I will touch on a couple other things. The first of which is Trump and the riots that were fueled by his election. I don’t agree with vandalizing businesses and streets simply because the nation elected the president you didn’t want. I am not a Trump supporter and, honestly, I’m scared, but I’m not throwing a fit. If you want to make your voice heard do it in a civilized manner without hurting local businesses. Having someone as radical as him in office is a terrifying thing. I wasn’t a Hillary supporter either, but I think she would have been more along the lines of a normal, predictable politician. He’s not off to a great start and that does not bode well for the remaining 4 years.

I don’t agree with his order to ban Muslims from entering our country (which includes those who are US citizens or have valid green cards). You can’t blame an entire religious group for the actions of a few. If that were the case I would have ceased being friends with anyone who calls themselves a Christian considering how many times I’ve been hurt by one of those very people.

I don’t agree with building a wall on the Mexican border because this action also feels like a racist move since he isn’t building a wall on the Canadian border. I also don’t like the amount of open racism and bigotry I have seen since the votes were announced. It’s as if people now think it’s OK to tear other ethnicities apart because an outspoken white man is in office.

There seems to be a lot of hate on both sides. Trump supporters are calling Anti-Trump supporters cry babies and lazy and all sorts of other names. Anti-Trump supporters are calling Trump supporters racist, sexist, ignorant and many other names. Both sides are right, but both sides are also wrong. Some of Trump’s supporters are racist, sexist, and ignorant, but not all. I know some intelligent, tolerant people who support Trump. Some of those who oppose Trump are cry babies and lazy, but not all. I know Anti-Trump people who are doing something about the situation without throwing a fit and who have worked hard their entire lives.

To conclude my more political portion of these two posts I just want to say that if we spent more time listening to each other and working together than bickering, maybe we could improve the situations around us.

(Part 2 will be linked here once I’ve finished posting it.)


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