Lack of Inspiration

I have no inspiration this week it would seem. I made a goal to write at least once a day (with weekends being the exception). So far I think I’ve achieved that goal, but the last couple of days have been a real challenge. I feel more groggy this week. My brain feels a little like mush and so I’m having a harder time finding inspiration to write. 

I like to write in the morning because that’s the only time I really have to myself and the only time there is true quiet in the house. Writing in the morning is difficult though when you aren’t a morning person. I am most definitely NOT a morning person. I usually have about 2 hours from the time I wake up to the time I get to work and the need for social interaction arises. Even after those two hours by myself, without talking, I sometimes don’t want to see another human face.

My husband always has a hard time accepting that nothing is actually wrong in the morning. He’s talkative in the morning and I’m not. He’ll say something to me and get a grumbled answer and then think something is bothering me. I almost always need to reassure him nothing is wrong, I just hate mornings and like to not even have to open my mouth for at least an hour.

So with that information, you can see how some days it would be hard for me to write first thing in the morning. On the days I don’t have true inspiration I go looking for it. I look for it in a picture on the web. I look for it in old short stories I have yet to share. I look for it in my dreams. I look for it in my heart.

Some days I’ll put it off. Yesterday was a good example. I was running slightly behind in the morning so I decided to write during lunch. I had forgotten that I had an admissions interview with my new college during my lunch and so it got pushed back again. I ended up having inspiration find me around 3:30pm when I just couldn’t take it (a lack of action that has been bothering me for some time) anymore and I HAD to write. I didn’t have access to my blog since I was technically working so I wrote on Post-Its. It was the perfect medium to conceal and bring home with me to post later last night.

I guess I did find something to write about today. And this is the exact reason I started writing this morning. I started with nothing and ended up with ideas as I wrote. Not that these are anything fantastic. They are really rather boring, but it does help to get them out of my head.


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