Injustice In A Dream

She drove in as if the devil himself was chasing her. We had been sitting on the porch, myself and a couple neighbors. We were enjoying the sunshine, enjoying the late afternoon breeze. It was a quiet afternoon, much like the one yesterday and the day before that. Out here, that’s how things are – quiet. We don’t bother nobody and nobody bothers us. Well except for maybe Kevin. The town drunk may walk past from time to time spouting his nonsense, but for the most part he’s harmless. Except for the power trip animals that roll through looking for something to be wrong, someone to correct.

We all jump to our feet as another car pulls in behind her. The driver is out just as quickly as he pulled in. Shots ring through the air and we all drop to the ground. Someone on the porch yells and wood splinters as bullets connect. Glass breaks, my little girl in the back seat screams. I watch in horror as his sporadic aiming sweeps across even the back seat.

She’s out of the car now, her stomach red and wet. “Please.” She begs him through tears. “Please, I didn’t do anything wrong.” He turns to look down at her, his gun now aimed at her head. A sparkle of sunshine blinds me for half a second as it dances off his badge. I decide enough is enough. I don’t know what happened, but I know anything my beautiful wife has down couldn’t deserve a power hungry maniac covering our home and bodies in holes.

“I’m sure there’s just a misunderstanding.” I say standing up with my hands above my head. “You keep out of this!” He spins toward me, the barrel now in my direction. A lump grows in my throat and anger boils my blood as I listen to my daughter’s screams and my wife’s pleas. The officer points his gun back down at her smooth brown face once more.

“I didn’t do anything.” She persists. “Of course you didn’t do anything. You people never done anything.” He responds in unadulterated racism. She turns again and tries to army crawl across our dirt drive, desperate to get away. I take a step forward, but one of the neighbors puts her arm across my chest. “It won’t do no good.” She whispers. 

My baby screams more and even through the windshield I can see her tears soaking the front of her shirt just as the blood does her momma’s. I’m about to push the neighbor’s hand away when another shot rings out. The officer casually walks back to his car and pulls out a notepad. I presume he’s about to document a false case of resisting arrest. 

Blind rage grips me. I go into the house. Judy follows me. “Albert, what are you doing?” I’m fed up with this mess. Every couple of months that damned officer finds some excuse to beat a man just because he was born with the wrong color skin. He never gets in trouble because it’s his word against ours. I’m tired of sitting back and watching the violent world around me without taking a stand. I go down to the basement and unlock my red cabinet.

Judy gasps and out of the corner of my eye I see her shaking her head. “No, Albert. Please.” She grabs my arm but I shake her off. “If he can do it, so can I.” I say as I load the bullets into the magazine. When that one is finished I move onto the next one. I finish the two pistols first. 

“He’ll kill you.” She says trying to reason with a sane man gone mad.”We’ll call the sheriff’s department and tell them what happened.” I grab the rifle next and fill it’s clip up. I make sure there’s one in the chamber of each before putting the pistols in my bag and the rifle on my shoulder. I start to walk back up when I see my gutting knife and decide to grab it as well. I push past Judy’s tears and snot covered face. 

I get upstairs and the officer is starting to pull out. He is 50 feet down the road before I pull my rifle to my shoulder. There’s a whoosh noise and the sound of gravel spitting before he steps out of his car. He crouches behind the trunk. “This ain’t a good idea boy.” He shouts and I respond with another shot. He rolls on the ground and makes it to a tree. He lets off a shot in my general direction.

I start walking toward his tree and respond with another shot of my own. He isn’t daring to peek out. Just as his hand shoots out to give another blind shot I release another round and it catches the bark of the tree right next to his hand. He snatches it back. “I’m an officer of the law! You’ll die for this!” He shouts. You can hear the anger, fear, and disbelief in his voice. “And you won’t get to kill anyone else’s wife.” I am close now and pull out my hand gun. 

A twig snaps beneath my boots and he realizes how close I am. He jumps out from behind the tree with gun raised. Click, click, click. A smile creeps up my face and he looks at his gun in complete terror. He pulls out a pocket knife that was stashed in his belt. I shrug. Now I may not have as much practice with a gun as he has, but I grew up fighting with knives. He may have too. I guess we’ll find out.

I can still hear the screaming of my baby girl who will now grow up without a mother and maybe even a father. I hear Judy hushing her. I turn a little to try to see if she’s getting her out of the car. The coward uses it to his advantage and charges me. I jump back and his swipe catches my left arm. He swipes frantically. His movements are all over the place. It makes it hard for him to hit me, but also makes it hard for me to get a good opening.

After a few of his wild slashes I yell and bull into him like I’m tackling a quarter back who hasn’t released the ball yet. His knife jabs into my collarbone. We fall to the ground with a hard thud that knocks the wind out of both of us. I’ve barely caught my breath again when I start pounding my gutting knife into his chest. I know his hands will be cut and bloody from trying to stop the knife.

Images of my wife laying in the dirt, begging for her life fill my vision. I stab harder. Blood is spirting from his mouth and all I hear is my daughter’s screams. All I hear and see is the injustice of what has happened to my family, what has happened to dozens, hundreds, thousands of families before us. I’m not my own anymore. I’m theirs. I’m their justice.
This was taken from a dream I had last night. It was a pretty intense dream, but also interesting that I was the guy in the dream and not the female.


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