Confusion and Hope

I feel tiny, insignificant. I’m one in millions. I have no formal education to hone and sharpen my writing. I have only years of sitting at my computer typing or of setting pen to paper. I write what I feel and what inspires me, but is it even any good? Is it even worth the effort? A few months or even a few years later I review my previous work and shake my head at the spelling and grammatical errors. How could I possibly think I’m any good?

Feeling defeated and inadequate, I scroll through my reader. I open others’ blog posts. Suddenly I’m confused. They have thousands of followers, but here is a grammatical error. There is a spelling error! Yet their followers remain…I continue to follow. Why? I continue to read their work because the overall message is more important to me than the tiny mistakes in the middle. 

Is it possible I’m not so terrible? Is it possible I am better than I think I am? Is it possible that I have a fighting chance in a world full of “me’s”? Could I stand out even for just one person? Could my writing have the potential to inspire or cause reflection in even just one person?

As much as I know the author of the post may cringe, seeing those small errors gives me hope. When I’m at my lowest and thinking I couldn’t possibly be talented. Hope fills me when I see that others are making the same mistakes as me. Maybe through time and perseverance I’ll make it as a writer, as an author!


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