An Interview

His voice seems to drone on. It has the slightest rasp. You could smell the cigarette on him when he walked in and you know in 10 years he’ll sound like that old lady who used to live in the apartment next to you. He hasn’t coughed yet, so that may be a good sign for him. He’s making eye contact and answering the questions as professionally as possible. He’s at ease too. It’s surprising to see him lean back in his chair while giving a sales pitch. He is the owner of the company so maybe his experience has earned him the right to be relaxed.

My boss’s boss is asking the questions right now so the answers are mostly directed at her. This gives me the opportunity to scrutinize the man across the table. He’s confident, that’s evident, but every now and then his eyes show a flicker of doubt when she shows she isn’t impressed with his answer. She’s very straight forward, doesn’t hold anything back. Her frankness is making this process easier. The first potential partner was quickly put at the back of the list because they (a group of four) had a hard time reacting to her bluntness. He’s doing better and he’s completely on his own, no one to back him up or provide an answer to a difficult question.

His skin is light brown, very light brown. It’s the remnants of a summer’s tan fading during the gray autumn and coming winter months. Although I didn’t notice them at first, I do see freckles speckled across his face. They’re light and will probably be gone by March. His face is slim, but round on the edges. His eyes are deep set and I can’t help but notice his eyebrows. They are thick, peppered gray. They start at the same place eyebrows normally start, if that makes any sense. But it’s how far down they travel that catches the eye. They end at the corners of his eyes. Big, bushy, long-

“How do you guys feel about that?” Her question snaps me out of it. I look to my boss. He agrees that it’s a good plan. I nod agreement. He makes the decisions anyway, I’m pretty sure I’m just here as a courtesy. She wants me to feel included, but I don’t think it was his initial plan to include me. In fact I’m 95% sure if she hadn’t said anything to me, I would have been in the dark up until a partner was chosen.
The interview continues. He hands out examples of monitoring graphs and reports. They are impressive, exactly what we would like to see. He begins explaining this process. Those eyebrows. His gray hair is parted in the middle and moves freely as he nods his head. It looks like it may be soft, but considering it’s sticking out a bit, may also not be that soft. Those eyebrows. How do they even grow that long? 

I continue my examination of his face. His nose isn’t particularly abnormal. It’s straight sloped bridge ends at a rounded point above two normal sized nostrils. It’s probably slightly larger in comparison to the rest of his features but still not as impressive as his eyebrows. If you can stop focusing on his eyebrows and watch his eyes, you can see his mind working. When asked a question, he begins to nod and you can actually see through his eyes and into his mind. He’s processing. He is actually processing the question and when he answers, you know it’s not a premeditated answer. He may have anticipated some of our questions, but his answers are sincere and honest.

I listen to the points that are most important to me. The more technical answers and not the standard answers that we could have probably given ourselves. Finally the interview is concluding. I wonder if he is known for his eyebrows in his circuit of friends. Do his kids tease him about them or scorn him for passing them on? These thoughts bring up an even more important question – what am I doing? Why am I here when what I really want to be doing is writing about eyebrows like those? What am I doing?


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