Winter Winds

He looked up from his paper and set the pen down on the table. He rubbed his hands along the length of his face. Pushing his chair back, ignoring the screech of wood on wood, he stood and walked to the sliding door. She stared at him with wonder in her inquisitive blue eyes. Her head was turned toward him in curiosity, but her body remained in place. The moonlight shone silver rays onto the snow behind her. Her luminous red hair was lit in the brightness of the street light directly above her. The wind gently blew loose strands across her face. Her lips were slightly parted as if she had stopped in the middle of a sentence when she had seen him, although there was no one near her. Even from a distance he could see her long, curving lashes, the gentle slope of her nose. She looked familiar and he felt she saw the same thing. He stepped onto the terrace and leaned against the rail. She turned her body toward him, still holding that inquisitive expression. The wind and snow began to pick up. It swirled around her in a gloriously magical motion. There was a sudden knock on the door that made him jump back. “Room service” came the muffled voice. He turned his head to look at the closed door. “Just a minute.” He called back. He turned to look once again at the blue eyed redhead, but she was gone. There was no sign of her. No footprints in the snow, no shadow in the light, nothing. The curious beauty was gone on the cold winds of winter.


Credit for Image:

Not sure who this is, but I saw this image on Pinterest and it inspired me.


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