A Mess of A Beauty

I’ve spent all day getting ready. My brows are plucked, my legs are shaved. Other parts of my body are shaved. My makeup was applied with slow precision. The fake eye lashes aren’t sitting quite right, but I think they look pretty good for a first time application.

The contrast of my red lipstick with my pale skin is just right. The brown of my eyeshadow brings out the blue in my eyes. That combined with longer, darker lashes make them pop just a bit more. I even brushed my brows to make them lay evenly.

I let my hair set in hot curlers for over an hour to make sure the curls hold. So far my attempts at using the rollers have not been very unsuccessful, but today, they’ve turned out exactly how I wanted them to turn out. I pin the sides back in a 40’s look and can’t believe it actually went right.

My hair is almost back to my natural shade of red and I love it. I’ve tried a few different colors over the last couple years and, it may sound vain, but I do love my color the best. It’s been the one feature throughout my life I’ve liked (even when I’ve hated everything else about my body).

I slip into my little black dress. The fabric is smooth to the touch and feels good on my skin. It falls just at the knee and hugs the curves of my body without revealing the rolls I know are under there. My husband has chosen well.

My cascading earrings and matching necklace twinkle when the light touches them. I slide my wedding ring into place and sit on the edge of the bed, ready for my shoes. They are white and jeweled with rectangles and are more like strappy boots than regular heels. I zip up the backs of them and walk into the living room.

His eyes widened, lighting up when he sees me. A small smile turns the corners of his mouth up. “Wow!” He says simply, still staring. Then he walks toward me. Putting his hands on my hips, he pulls me against him and kisses me gently. “You are so perfect.” He says in almost a whisper. 

He leans in to kiss me more intrnsely. I know tonight my carefully styled hair will be tossled and my smooth dress will lay precariously on the edge of the bed.


3 thoughts on “A Mess of A Beauty

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  2. Thanks for uploading this. I’ve been reading your blog for ages and it constantly brings me back!

    I’m a long time follower, but I have never been compelled to leave a comment before.
    Thanks so much for the cool post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I’m lucky to have such a faithful follower!
      And you’re welcome! I’m glad you like my post. Most of the time I’m just posting random thoughts from my head or experiences I’ve had so it’s nice to know that they aren’t complete gibberish!


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