There is Nothing

I’m tired. My eyelids are heavy, lead. Weights fall on my shoulders. I’m weakened. Dying. I see a river of my own blood slipping through the cracks of the cobblestone path. Dark red, clotting liquid. I feel it drip from my nose, from the gash in my head. My eyelids feel so heavy now. The world is sideways. The trees grow horizontal. The sky glows vertically. The monster steps toward me, face covered in shadow with the sun at its back. It means to finish the job. As its arms rise to deliver the final drop of death I allow my eyes to close, accepting my fate.
I wait a minute, maybe 10. Now 30 or maybe an hour. How many hours have passed? How many days? I open my eyes and find no monster there. The monster is gone, the sludge of death pulled back. I turn the world right again, then there are stars. The world is sideways again.
Am I caught somewhere between death and life? Am I in limbo? I open my eyes and still no monster greets me. Where is this behemoth who was so ready to send me away? The sun is bright. It hurts my eyes. Why is it so bright? I close my eyes again.
This time I will wake up with the monster swinging the axe. This time I will awake to the terrible outcome of my destiny. I open my eyes and now there is nothing. No light. No death. No stars. No blood. No monster.
There is nothing.


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