Skin to Skin

He stands in the pouring rain. His soul tormented by images he can’t unsee. Lightning sends a shock of light across the plain and thunder shakes the ground. The large drops of rain roll off the bare skin of his torso and soak into the fabric of his jeans. He wants to go back in, he wants to go to sleep, but every time he closes his eyes he sees them, hears their screams. Thunder shakes the ground again.

She watches him for a few moments, not really sure if she should dare approach. He’s soaked and even from behind he looks tired. The lightning illuminates his brown skin, but only in flashes. Why won’t he share his torment with her? Friends since they were kids and all she gets is the cold shoulder as they slowly make their way back home. She aches to help him, physically feels the need to hold him.
Slowly she takes the last few steps to the edge of the porch where he stands, face to the wind & beating rain. He’s never told her about the scar. She’s seen it only once before, shortly after they ran into each other again. Shortly after they closed the gap of time between when he left town and she went away to find herself.
All the feelings she had when they were kids came flooding back as her gray eyes had made contact with his brown. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach again, her hands shook.

He couldn’t bring himself to say anything to her. She had asked what had happened while he was gone, there was no simple answer. He felt sure if she knew the love he saw in her eyes would disappear. He couldn’t believe that after all these years she still worshipped him. Sure he could understand it when they were kids, he had been sweet to her and let her tag along when all the other guys groaned about it. But now? She would be lying cosy & asleep in her bed right now with no idea how much he wanted to tell her, show her… Feel her.

She had to touch it. It wasn’t a conscious movement, it just happened. Lightning brightened the scar for less than a second and in the thunder that followed she pressed her fingers softly against the round raised skin. He turned around so quickly and with so much fire in his eyes she almost turned and ran. He grabbed the wrist of her outstretched arm and pushed her back against the wall of the porch, out of the rain.
“What are you doing out here?” He said low and rough.

He immediately regretted being so harsh, but he couldn’t stop himself. Her wrist felt soft and small in his hand as he pressed it against the wooden planks. Her eyes were a mixture of fear and trust. It was obvious she was struggling to reconcile this rough new man with the sweet boy she’d loved.
“I couldn’t sleep.” It was nearly a whisper. He loosened the grip on her wrist but didn’t let go. Confidence began to appear beneath the mistrust in her eyes. Slowly she reached her free hand up to touch the circular scar on his chest.

“It barely missed your heart.” She said the words as softly as she was touching his skin. When she met his eyes, for the first time in a month, she saw remnants of the boy she knew so well. But she also saw something that both scared and excited her. With one smooth slide of his free arm he pulled her hips against his and pressed his lips hard against hers. She could feel the pressure of his body, the strength of his arm around her. Whatever questions she had were gone.

He didn’t give her time to think he moved toward the door and kissed her harder as he pushed their bodies over the threshold. Her warm hand was still pressed against his chest and he felt that small amount of skin in every fiber of his being. He couldn’t, nor did he want to stop himself. He kissed her neck, breathing in the sweet scent of her hair. He let his tongue trace a trail to her ear lobe.

Even if she had wanted to she didn’t think she would have been able to stop him, stop herself. With her hand pressed against his chest she felt a burning need to feel more than just her hand against him. She didn’t stop him when his hands slid under her shirt. Feeling his strong hands grip the curves of her body sent a shiver down her spine and made her feel helpless against this force. He pulled her shirt off and before she even realize what was happening she had helped him remove her bra. He wrapped his arms tight around her and their bodies melded together.

As he pulled her even closer to him with his right arm, he buried his left hand in her hair and held her steady as she sucked the tip of his tongue. Only for a moment did he wonder where she had learned these skills. She unzipped his pants and reached inside gripping him with surprising strength for such delicate hands. He hadn’t expected such a warm welcome to this attack of passion. She was fearless. They were in the hall now, moving closer to her room. This time he was the one pinned. She pushed his back against the wall, pressing her chest against his and then kissing her way down his neck, his collar bone, continuing with small little kisses down his chest and stomach before pulling his pants off.

She wasn’t sure where this new courage had come from, but she wasn’t about to question it. They obviously wanted the same thing and neither one was going to stop the other. After his pants were around his ankles he pulled her back up and kicking them off one leg at a time he left his wet pants in the hall. As he backed her into the bedroom he unzipped her pants and she continued to kiss his neck and massage parts of his body he never realized needed massaged. She felt how right it was to have his hands against her bare skin. How good it felt to have them cupped around her cheeks, squeezing gently before forcing her pants down to the floor.
He sat on the edge of the bed and stopped for a moment looking at her from toes to hair. She was starting to get nervous right before the words slipped breathless from his mouth.
“You are so perfect.” He said as he pulled her on top of him. If any doubt had existed as to whether they belonged together, that disappeared as they became skin against skin. His hands caressed every inch of her as she tenderly kissed his cheeks, his eyes, his chest.
They knew in that moment they belonged to each other, now and forever.

This is my attempt at new writing. I’ve never written anything sexual before and am not even sure I accomplished what I was hoping to. Any feedback would be more than welcome!
There’s a whole back story and even a continuation I could do with these two, but I kind of also wanted to leave that part up to the reader.
What do you think happened to him? What did she do to “find” herself? How did their paths cross again? Why are they traveling home together?
Anyway, like I said, feedback would be great!