Monster Within (Mirror, Mirror 2)

Out of the mist she comes once more
Out of the mist I watch her glide
Her dark eyes unwavering
Her sullen face in shadow
She stretches her arms toward me again
Her fingers curled, beckoning me
I want to go to her, but I don’t
I want to touch her pale skin, but I won’t
I fold my arms tight against my chest
This time I keep them to myself
Slowly she smiles
An awkward, sinister look
I close my eyes against this dream
I close my eyes against this madness
I feel her breath against my skin
I feel it ripple through my hair
It sends a shiver down my spine
“Come with me” she whispers softly
“Come with me” she says again
A part of me wants to follow her into the mist
A part of me yearns to leave this world behind
I open my eyes and look deep into her maroon eyes
Her fingers hang loose in front of my face
I hear my name like an echo from somewhere behind me
I turn my head but no one is there
When I look back to her she has changed
Her pale skin now shimmers and glows
Her eyes are vibrant and alive
Her once dark hair shines red and gold, dancing in the moonlight
“Come with me” she whispers again, soft, sweet
She embodies peace
She embodies happiness
Maybe one little touch won’t hurt
Again I hear the echo of my name and a face flashes through my memory
“I can’t” I say softly, apologetically
A cloud covers the moon and her beauty is gone
Her pale skin is a flat white with patches of brown from the world she left behind
The world she left to grab me
Her eyes are deep, dark, that terrifying red
Her hair is stringy and almost as dark as her eyes
Her gaze is striking and horrifying
“COME WITH ME” she screams, her mouth opening almost as wide as her head
I run back to the safety of the tree
Barely outrunning her greedy fingers
There under the tree’s shadow I turn back to her
“I can’t” I say again almost in tears
She hovers just outside the shadows as the mist moves closer
It follows her, worships her
“One day” She whispers as her body floats back into the mist
“One day” I hear echo all around me
I wake with a gasp
I look around the darkness of my room
My heart pounds hard, but I feel safer
Then there she is, looking straight into my eyes
She CAN’T be here
I flip the light on as fast as I can
It’s only me staring into the mirror
My daughter calls my name again and I shake off the monster within

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