Am I Ready?

Tomorrow starts my 6-day challenge. I will be handling all requests and issues without my boss as backup. He’s heading overseas and this will be yet another test of my knowledge. Am I ready to run things singlehandedly? I ask myself this every time he goes on vacation and every time I feel just a little more comfortable about my skill level.
I’ve learned a lot over the last 4 years and I may not have the best memory, but I am an expert at note-taking. I have a procedure written for everything. I have step-by-step instructions for any install, set up, repair, and so on…. Or so I think. There always seem to be that one thing that creeps up when he’s gone that I’m not really familiar with.
There’s also the decisions that need to be made. That’s the scariest part. What if I decide to handle it one way and when he gets back he tells me I should have handled it a different way? My boss is a great guy, but sometimes he has a tendency to harp. He’ll tell me he would have handled it differently and then explain why and then I’ll say it makes sense and then he’ll repeat himself again. It’s his personality, I honestly don’t think he can help it. So I’ll be dreading that part of the process, but hopefully the rest of the week goes well.
Obviously the company has some faith in my ability or they wouldn’t leave me alone for a week, right?


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