Be Happy Day 14 (with recap)

Day 1 – cat, ability to walk, “DIY” husband
Day 2 – family, technology, sleep
Day 3 – best friend, good job, sisters and mom
Day 4 – running vehicle, cameras, music
Day 5 – parents good health, owning a house, the sun
Day 6 – words, sight, fruits and veggies
Day 7 – husband, stepdaughter, understanding boss
Day 8 – video games, lazy afternoons, electricity
Day 9 – running water, books, modern medicine
A little story to go along with this one, the very next day our water pump gave out because of faulty electric lines outside our house. What are the odds that the day after I’m grateful for running water, it goes out?!
Day 10 – food in the fridge, in-laws, hoodies
Day 11 – telephones & webcams, love for photos, hearing
Day 12 – benefits of IT, comforters, raised to be non-judgemental
Day 13 – ability to bottle things up, winters being short, my niece

Day 14:
1) I’m grateful for the game of Nertz. It is a multiplayer game that is somewhat like solitaire with multiple players. Four players works the best. Three or less is usually too slow and too few cards, five or more is usually too many cards. It is my favorite game and always helps relieve stress. For more info click here.

2) I’m grateful for Kombucha Tea. It really helps relieve my heartburn and I think it may also give me more energy.
3) I’m grateful for my Bamboo Fun Pad. It makes editing photos so much easier!!!


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