An Update to “25 Things in My 25th Year”

I thought I’d do a follow-up to a post from earlier this year. Original Post

An adjustment to the goals:

  1. Take & pass the Linux course my college offers. Take & pass the Computer/Internet Security course my college offers.
  2. Register for & begin taking their Windows Server Management course. Register for at least one more course.

My company changed the courses they wanted me to take so my goals needed adjusted a little.

Here are the things I’ve completed:

#1 – In Progress

#2 – Scheduled & Paid for

#3 (as listed above) – Working on it

#4 (as listed above) – Will be done as soon as this semester is over.

#5 – Done!

#6 – In Progress

#7 – Done! It wasn’t in a studio, but I did a senior photo session

#8 – In Progress

#9 – Done!

#10 – Done!

#11 – Done! It was beautiful!

#12 – Need to work on.

#13 – Done!

#14 – Done! Shutter Island & Minority Report (now I’ve moved on to Stephen King’s It)

#15 – Didn’t happen.

#16 – In Progress, honestly not sure if this is going to happen before my next birthday since there are soooooooooo many movies on the list!

#17 – Changed my mind about this one, I’m now going to grow it out and color it red.

#18 – Still working on this one

#19 – Done!

#20 – Done! Orzo

#21 – Need to get it done.

#22 – Done!

#23 – Still working on this one, I’ve started to pay more attention, but not as much as I want to.

#24 – Still working on it

#25 – Can’t be done for another 6 months


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