Be Happy Day 10

I must say I am really struggling today. It’s been a long day. I had a frustrating work day, my brakes (on my car) are shot and am waiting for the parts to come in to fix it. I’m leaking brake fluid because my brakes are crap. I’m also leaking steering fluid somewhere, but can’t find where. There are several other maintenance issues that I need to take care of on my car. It’s freezing in our house because we want to wait to use heat until we’re have called the gas company to turn on our gas. We are still paying on extra on our electric bill from last winter so we refuse to use the electric heating we already have in place. I barely see my husband because our schedule are so mismatched so I was looking forward to a night with him when leaving work. Walked in and his uncle is here. That’s fine, I like his uncle, but I was still a little disappointed because I was looking forward to alone time. Now our water pump has stopped working and so they are now trying to figure out how to fix it. One of our pipes has been leaking into the crawl space under our house and they think it may have rusted out the control box or whatever. It’s just been really feeling like if it’s not one thing it’s another.
But enough of the complaining… . things could always be worse.

1) I’m grateful for the fact we have food in the fridge. At least we don’t have to spend money on that right now.
2) I’m grateful for my in-laws. I couldn’t have been blessed with better in-laws. They are amazing! They accepted me with open arms and have never made me feel like an outsider. In fact, my husband’s cousin didn’t mind arguing with her dad (who has no relation to my husband) trying to defend me.
3) I’m grateful for my numerous hoodies. Most of which were given to me by family or friends as souvenirs from their miscellaneous trips. They keep me warm and are super comfy!


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