Be Happy Day 9

1) I’m grateful for ruining water. I love how a hot shower feels after a long day. Then there’s the fact that so many things have been made easier by it; washing clothes, no more outhouses, hot water out of the tap versus boiling cold water, etc…
2) I’m grateful for the awesome amount of books available for reading. I love escaping into a good book and losing all conscious connections with the world around me because I have a new world to explore.
3) I’m grateful for modern medicine. Have a shattered pelvis? Not a problem, we’ll just screw it back together!


(Yes, that is my pelvis. Pretty crazy, right?)
It always amazes me what they are coming up with. I have a friend who works in neurology. He and another doctor perfected a surgery that allows paraplegics to use the bathroom by scratching a transplanted nerve in their leg, thus eliminating the need for a colostomy bag.


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