Be Happy Day 7 (with recap)

Day 1 – cat, ability to walk, “DIY” husband
Day 2 – family, technology, sleep
Day 3 – best friend, good job, sisters and mom
Day 4 – running vehicle, cameras, music
Day 5 – parents good health, owning a house, the sun
Day 6 – words, sight, fruits and veggies

Day 7:
1) I’m grateful for my husband. He’s my absolute best friend. The person I want to cry to, the person I want to share my joy with, the person I miss the most when I don’t see him. Even when we’re struggling, I’m happier with him then I would be without him.
2) I’m grateful my stepdaughter loves me. It helps that I came into her life early, but with how much influence her mom has on her, she could have hated me from the beginning. Thankfully she is sweet, well behaved, and simply wonderful to have around. She’s got such a personality, she’s proud of being her own person and I love hearing all her new stories.
3) I’m grateful for an understanding boss who is allowing me to take a half day to be with my friend who’s mom’s funeral is tonight. Because he is understanding, I get to be there to comfort her and help her through this struggle. It breaks my heart that her mom is gone so young, but at least she doesn’t have to deal with nasty cancer anymore.


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