Be Happy Day 6

I got too busy yesterday to post so I’m just going to continue with it today.
1) I’m grateful for words. Without words we would have no way of expressing ourselves. Our days would be full of awkward looks. For those of us without a natural talent, sloppily drawn pictures would be our way of depicting what we want to express. Imagine what store fronts would look like without words, what the internet would look like. We wouldn’t have huge libraries full of every type of reading available. I love words.
2) I’m grateful for my sight. So many people are born blind and I may need glasses to see clearly, but I am so happy I have had the opportunity to see the world around me and experience all the color and beauty therein.
3) I’m thankful for fruits and vegetables. They are absolutely amazing to me. Actually I’m grateful for pretty much anything that grows naturally and can be eaten as is. It’s amazing to me that something could just grow on its own and we can eat it without adding more to it. True the fruits and veggies we get in the store are general sent through some sort of processing, but the inside is what amazes me. Take a bite out of your favorite kind of apple and tell me it’s not amazing to eat something that grew all on its own.


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