Be Happy

I saw this image on Pinterest:


I think I’m going to give it a shot. I’ve been really depressed lately, I’ve been unmotivated, bogged down by work, bogged down dealing with my stepdaughter’s biological mother and I just don’t feel happy lately. I don’t feel inspired (hence the lack of posts). I don’t feel excited about much. Most mornings I wake up just wishing I could stay in bed all day.
So I’m going to try writing out 3 things I am thankful for every day and I’m going to post them on here so that I’m accountable to someone/something.


Day 1:
1) I’m grateful for my cat, Gus, who is constantly near me wherever I am in the house.


2) I’m grateful I am able to walk. A few years ago I was in an accident and there was a possibility of not being able to ever walk again, but with skilled doctors I only have pain occasionally and no visible limp!
3) I’m grateful for a “DIY” husband who has saved us thousands of dollars by always being determined to fix things himself.


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