Gus Gus


I came home from work the other day slightly exhausted and somewhat dreading the busy weekend we had ahead of us. Not only have I been working like mad during the week, but our weekends seem to be filling rather quickly this summer.
My husband has been teasing me everyday about getting a cat. He’ll ask me “What kind of cat do want?” Before I leave for work in the morning and tell me not to step on the new cat when I get home at night. To be perfectly honest it was getting tiring.
I wanted a pet because my husband will be staying a new shift at work and we won’t see each other as much, so I figured it would be nice to have a pet as a companion on the nights he’s working.
His endless teasing was starting to become bothersome and I didn’t think he would really get a cat. We’ve been talking about it for awhile, but usually just in passing and, in my mind, wasn’t going to happen for another few years.
So when I walked in the door that night and he told me not to step on the new kitten, I scoffed and walked back to the kitchen. After a minute or two I walked back into the living room and he said it again right before this little gray shape popped out from behind the couch, scaring me enough to make me jump.
This gray eyed, gray coated fur ball was real. My husband had surprised me with an 8 week old kitten.
It took me all night and into the morning to decide on a name, but I decided on Gus. He is nervous about everything. At the slightest noise he’d run under the couch to hide. When exploring, he stares at a room, checking the area out completely, from the safety of the hallway before being willing to go inside. His nervousness reminds me of Gus Gus from Cinderella


(Image used from this site)

I know it’s a bit ironic to name a cat after a mouse, but it fits him so Gus it is!
We thought about naming him Bandit because of this scene from the office:

Save Bandit!

But Gus just seems to fit him better.
At first I want sure how much I could get him to cuddle because cats are so independent, but he seems to be a snuggly little guy.


So needless to say I’m excited to have a new little guy around to keep me company when my husband is working.




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