28. What I Want

This will be unlike my usual posts. This is a rant. This is me venting about the way life works for those of us still working our way to the top.
Today I want things to work smoothly. Today I want to be able to plan on doing something and not have something else stop me from doing it. Today I just wanted to get my garage cleaned and sorted.
We were on a roll, things were moving smoothly. Everything was cleared out of the garage. We were sweeping and prepping the concrete floor for cleaners. We glanced in the crawl space under our house and find it a foot deep in water. We’ve had a lot of rain lately, but apparently any drain that may be under there is not working.
So we find we can rent a pump for $25. My husband hops in the car to get it while I keep sweeping and getting the cleaners ready to be poured. Just a minor set back, nothing we can’t handle in a couple hours’ time.
I’m done pouring cleaner on the back half of the garage floor when I get a call from my husband. “Bring your set of keys, mine won’t start the car” he tells me. I get in his car and meet him at the store. Mine refuse to turn the ignition as well. The steering column is completely locked. The ignition won’t turn, the wheel won’t turn, the gear shift won’t budge. What happened? It was working fine.
We fiddle with it for 30 minutes before finally calling roadside assistance. So now we are really set back. Since we only have the pump for a few hours he heads back to the house to get that going while I wait for the tow truck. It’s hot, humid, and not how I wanted to spend my day.
This is how things always seem to go for us. We make plans to get something done and in some way or another we are interrupted by another more pressing problem. A problem that often costs money we really don’t have but are forced to spend. Thankfully the roadside assistance is covered, but the parts are not.
I am so frustrated with these curve balls life always throws our way. I want things to go the way we plan. I want to make plans and be able to stick to them. I want to be able to save money instead of constantly spending it on repairs.
Today I want a break from the shitty, constant changes life gives us.


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