25. My Day Was Special Because…

It’s a small thing really. Something one can often take for granted. Something I may do daily, but it means more one day then it did the day before. It’s like taking a cold drink on a hot day when the day before a cold drink may not have meant anything.
The day was long. I had left the house at 6am and walked through the front door 12 hours later exhausted. My body felt weak, my mind dull and aching. I could barely concentrate enough to change out of my restricting and uncomfortable work clothes.
I sat down in the love seat, my knees bent and my legs tucked under me. His arm moved out of instinct and pulled me close against him. I let my head fall against his chest and burrowed my body against his. Slowly I felt the baggage of the day loosening, I was shedding a layer of worry and tension.
There in his arms was my comfort, my haven. Nothing else about the day mattered. I was where I belonged. That was the only truely memorable moment of my day. Everything else was a blur of mayhem and congestion, but that moment, the moment my tired body folded against his strong frame, that was a moment defined by peace and serenity. The rest of the night doesn’t stand out the way that one moment protrudes in the depths of my memories. The moment I was separated from the chaos of the day and drawn into the quiet of the night was what made my day special.


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