23. Most Memorable Vacation

New York City, I was with my parents and aunt & uncle. We stayed in a hotel just outside the city. We took the double decker bus on a tour around the city and a bit of Brooklyn. We went on a boat around Ellis Island, although we didn’t actually stop on the island. While my parents climbed the Empire State Building, I hung out with Mary & Jack exploring the huge Macy’s store. After which we stopped to get some ice cream. This was special because prior to Uncle Jack meeting Mary he would take my older siblings out for ice cream. I was still too young to go and before I had the chance to enjoy the fun of tagging along, Uncle Jack was married and those trips stopped. So they decided to buy me ice cream to make up for it. It was a bit of a joke between our families. I don’t want it to sound like Aunt Mary took him away from us, because she didn’t. In fact, she was a welcome add on to the family. He just stopped being the bachelor he had been before her.
We walked around Central Park, ate at a few local and delicious restaurants, watched street performers and visited Times Square. It was the most fun I had ever had without having other kids around.


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