21. My Inspiration

Robin is in her late 50’s now. She married young, like most Amish girls. She was my aunt, but in my eyes, he was never my uncle. He was just a creepy old man that I preferred to stay away from. She put up with his piggish ways for a long time. She was never able to have kids of her own, but they adopted 3 little boys. She raised them while her husband worked.
I’m not sure of all the reasons she left him, but some time ago she must have decided she’d had enough. They separated.
Having split from her husband and seeing a need to provide for herself she decided to go back to school. She had been raised Amish and so had only finished the 8th grade before being pulled out of school. In her later years she did get her GED. While raising 2 boys (the oldest had stayed with her husband), she went to school full-time as well as held a part-time job.
She recently graduated at the top of her class and is planning on continuing in graduate school to become a nurse practioner.
Most people her age would have made excuses, saying they’re too old, the kids keep them too busy, or any number of other excuses one can think of. But she didn’t. She made no excuses. She’ll admit she was intimidated and sometimes wondered why she is doing this at her age, but she has never given up.
She is proof that if you set your mind to something, you can overcome any obstacles and achieve your goals.


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