20. My Top 5 Passions

1. My marriage – there is no way this couldn’t be number one. This is the one thing that I hope to be my constant. I’ll always have a passion and fire in my heart for the man I love and the commitment I made to him. He’s there when everything else fades away. I’d give up anything and do anything to keep this relationship in tact. I’d fight anyone and anything that tries to come between us.
2. My family – you can say anything you want about me and I’ll most likely let it go in one ear and out the other, but day something bad about my family and you will instantly be on my bad side. We may not be perfect, but we stick together and that’s what really matters.
3. Friends – I am extremely loyal and, once you earn it, trusting. If a friend is in need, I’m there to help as much as I can.
4. Writing – I could write all day every day. It’s an outlet, an escape, a release. When I’m frustrated I write. When I’m happy I write. When I’m sad I write. It gets me through any emotion I may be feeling.
5. My work – this doesn’t necessarily apply to just my career. It applies to anything I put my hands to work on. I take great pride in my work and any accomplishments that come out of it. I work hard and enjoy seeing the fruits of my labor.


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