19. My Bag is Stuffed

I wish I had a really good reason as to why I didn’t post yesterday. I could blame it on the fact that the list I’m working off of had “Someone I Miss” again and I didn’t want to do the same thing twice. But early in the day I had intended to just write about something else. The problem – I was simply too tired. For some reason, when I got home last night I was just exhausted. I’ve been extremely busy at work and by the time I got settled and sat down on my couch, ready to write, I was almost falling asleep. So I decided it would be alright to skip one post. Now I’ll move onto 19 of the challenge.

My bag is not what women normally carry. It is a sturdy black backpack with multiple pockets on the outside and pockets inside of the big pockets. So I’ll go pocket by pocket.

All I will say about the first out side pocket is two words: le femme.

The second outside pocket just a mesh wrap for holding a drink and currently is empty.

The third outside pocket has a mini mesh overlay that covers the real, zipped pocket and holds just my chapstick. I keep it here because it is easy access when I’m driving and, surprisingly, has never fallen out. Inside the zipper portion, I keep my office keys, a couple pens, my business cards, a couple thumb drives, and any other small items I may need to have available in a pinch.

There is another mesh section in the first big pocket that holds any medication I may be taking (i.e. birth control – I do not want any kids right now so we’re nipping that in the bud -, cold medicine, or earlier this year-flu medicine, etc..), nail care kit, and hair ties. In the main section of the pocket I keep an Ethernet cable, USB cable, wall adapter (for said USB cable), small LED flashlight, and headphones. This is my “connections pocket”. When traveling and on the go, you never know what you may need. It’s best to be prepared and prepared I am!

The second and biggest pocket is my “essentials pocket”. It contains a special padded section for my laptop along with two small pockets for organizing documents, and a wide compartment where I store my purse (a very small one by today’s standards) and my laptop’s ac adapter and mouse. My purse has all the normal stuff; cards, cash, gum, pens, hand sanitizer, lotion, etc…

I normally don’t go anywhere for too long without my backpack. When I spend the night anywhere the whole thing comes with me whether or not I think I will need it. I had originally skipped the purse altogether, but then I realized it wasn’t very practical. Anytime I was going somewhere for just a short time and needed only a purse, I’d have to transfer everything back and forth. It got old really fast, so then I realized if I got a small enough purse I could just put it in the backpack and pull it out when I need it.

So there you have! That’s what’s in my bag.


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