14. My Food and I

I wish I could say we have a healthy relationship, but if I am to be honest then no, we don’t. I wish I could say I eat the appropriate portions at the appropriate times. Food is something that should be eaten for sustenance, not for pleasure. But let’s face it, humans like to enjoy anything they do. If we don’t enjoy it, we generally avoid it.
I’m trying to eat healthier or at least lose some weight. My husband and I are on a low carb diet, but I love sweets. I mean I really love sweets. We get sugar free or no sugar added treats but those can cause some unwanted side effects if you’re not extremely careful with them.
This diet has worked for us in the past. We had both lost over 50 pounds in one year and were feeling great. But then one evening we decided to get dessert, our first real dessert in over a year and from there we started making excuses – it was someone’s birthday, a holiday, a cook out – until we just started admitting we weren’t really trying anymore.
Now we’re back at it, trying to get our relationship to food back to an as needed basis. Eat to live, don’t live to eat, right?


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