11. Something Unusual

What a fitting day for this topic! I’m doing something unusual at this very moment. I’m eating out, by myself, for lunch. Normally I take my lunch at my desk, whether I get take out or pack a lunch. Today I decided to do something a little different.
I worked late last night and so am taking a long lunch. This along with the fact I have been swamped at work prompted me to leave the office. There is this small diner down the road that has a great chicken salad. The lettuce is crisp, the chicken fresh and cooked to perfection, as well as perfectly blended ranch dressing.
The booths and tables look like they haven’t been updated since the late 80’s and it may have been painted since then, but the color most likely hasn’t changed.
The staff greet regulars by name and their general friendly manner provide a very comfortable atmosphere. A group of women at the corner table laugh and keep up a steady conversation. I can hear dishes clanking and grease sizzling in the kitchen every time a waiter comes in or out. The cash register beeps and change jingles as the drawer shoots open. The news anchors provide subtle white noise as they discuss the most recent developments of the world. All these elements combine to give that genuine local diner feel.
I order my chicken salad and decide to try their cheeseburger soup. I expect a bowl of ground beef slathered in cheese with a few tomatoes and onions mixed in. But I’m pleasantly surprised with a bowl of soft potatoes mixed with a small amount of ground beef, bacon bits and vegetables covered in a creamy cheese sauce. Before I can finish my soup, my waitress has brought my salad out.
Here they top their salad with seasoned curly fries and soft slices of pita bread. The pita bread always tastes good dipped in their ranch dressing and initially I had thought fries on salad would be a horrible choice, but it turns out to be a tasty combination. It could also just be my Irish side coming out. Potatoes have to be my favorite vegetable, even if they hold little to no nutritional value. After all the ways I’ve had potatoes, I still have not found one I didn’t like.
I’ve finished my soup and made it through the majority of my salad. Although they were both marginally small, I am unable to finish my salad. She’ll be by soon to ask if I saved room for their homemade pie and I’ll have to turn her down, requesting just the check. After this, I’ll stop by the store to pick up a few things and if I still have time after that, I may just take a nap in my car.


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