10. The Weather

It’s gray today. I haven’t seen much of the outside world as I’ve been couped up in my harsh florescent lit office. The drive home was relaxing. The cool wind whipped through my hair and I refused to roll up my windows even though goosebumps were starting to cover my arms. We don’t get to see much of the sun here and today was no exception. Overcast skies are the order of the day, along with almost every other day.
It’s not too humid today, which is actually a little unusual. In all honesty, even without the sun, it feels really good outside. It’s been a long day and what I would really love to do is sit in my backyard with a cold drink in my hand, listening to the birds call to each other and the leaves whisper among the trees. I would do this, except the sounds of cars, people, and general hustle and bustle prevent me from hearing the relaxing sounds of nature. I miss living in the country where I only heard a car once ever hour or so. Today would be a good day for it, but instead I will just relax indoors.


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