9. Favorite Activity of the Moment

My favorite thing to do right now is definitely watching movies and shows with my husband. At the end of a long day that’s the best way for me to relax. I come home, make dinner if I didn’t pick it up on the way, and then we huddle up on the couch together and put on any one of the many shows we watch. If we are all caught up on our shows we move onto watching movies. We watch anything from horror to comedy.
I think my husband likes watching horror with me because of my reactions. He gets a kick out of me practically jumping out of my skin when a gruesome figure with black eyes, sharp teeth, and graying skin pops up on the screen without warning.
We really enjoy watching stand-up together. We quote Louis C.K. on an almost daily basis. Gary Owen, Chris Rock, Deon Cole, and Bill Cosby are also among our favorites.
Modern Family always gets us laughing and Orange is the New Black is pretty witty. Game of Thrones is currently our favorite drama. The dynamic characters and stories are so interesting and every episode leaves us wanting to see more.
Our love for video games, movies, and shows is what really initiated turning our living room into a home theater. So without a doubt and without contest this is my favorite thing to do right now!


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