5. 3 Favorite Personality Traits

  1. I’m easy to get along with. I inherited my dad’s ability to be easily liked. There have only been, to my knowledge, a handful of people in my life that did not like me. Honestly the only reason those people didn’t like me was because I wasn’t a fan of their negativity and didn’t put up any type of effort to build a relationship. I don’t like confrontation, so most of the time I will do what I can to keep things smooth between myself and anyone who crosses my path. I’ve developed a knack for knowing what people want to hear and how to make anyone happy regardless of how different their life is from mine.
  2. I am a hard worker. Combining my likable personality with my extremely dedicated work ethic has taken me places faster than it would take others. When I really want something I will find a way to get there. In every job I’ve had, every class I’ve taken, and any activity I apply myself to, I have always succeeded. I’ve learned nothing comes free. If I want it, I have to take the steps to get it myself.
  3. I’m extremely loyal. If you find yourself in a relationship with me, whether it’s work or personal, you quickly learn that I will be there when you need me most. Sometimes this is also my least favorite trait. I have been hurt more than a few times because I’ve given my loyalty and time to someone who ended up not deserving it. For that reason, I’ve become a bit more cautious of who I let into my loyalty circle. But for the most part, once you find yourself there, it takes quite a blow to be taken back out.

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