3. A Detailed Day

This morning when I woke up, I snoozed at least 3 times. I had a hard time falling asleep last night so I really didn’t feel like getting up. Finally, at 6:05, I got out of bed. I went into the living room to see what progress my husband had made on the lights. The fan was mounted and the switches in place, but the lights will need to be painted before they are mounted. I took my shower and, after blow drying & styling my hair, got dressed and headed out the door for work.

The drive in was dreary and gray. A sprinkle of rain covered my window as I followed slow moving vehicles until I made it to the freeway. By the time I pulled into my spot the rain had cleared up, but the gray clouds refused to disappear. Walking into the office, I held my backpack by the handle on the top. My husband had began cutting into the wall without realizing my backpack was right below him, open too. Now I’m just trying to avoid getting drywall dust on my dark brown pants.

I unlock the door to my office and begin cleaning my backpack with Clorox wipes and blow out the vents on my laptop with canned air. As my computer boots up, I finished cleaning my backpack and hang it up just as I receive my first request of the day. After printing out the diagrams I finish setting up the tablet I had started yesterday. I bring the ready tablet to the hands of the delivery man and then head back to my office for my copy of the diagrams, my coffee cup, keys, and pen. After filling up my cup with coffee, I add a packet of hot chocolate and then water it down a bit more. I can’t stand the bitter taste of coffee, but today I need the caffeine, so this is my way of balancing the two.

After our bi-weekly safety meeting I head to our server room and update the diagrams currently hanging on the wall. The hum of the servers and fans is calming and soothing. I wish I could hide there all day, but there’s too much to do. Reluctantly I leave it behind and go back to my office. I start working on a guide for our new tablet users. Having taken some screenshots the day before, I start forming a step-by-step guide to navigating the email app. Suddenly I remember I’m supposed to work on a PDF form. I quickly shift gears. This project was given to me Friday and yet it is expected to be done by the beginning of June – ha! Considering Friday was May 30th, this is a little behind schedule, thankfully I am not to blame. As I work on the form, I’m juggling interruptions from every side. My phone rings and it seems today is the day EVERYONE has questions.
Lunch comes around and I grab a replacement phone, along with my hard hat and safety glasses, and head out to our fabrication center. I activate the replacement on the way and by the time I get there the contacts are transferred and the phone is ready to go. I bullshit with the guys there for a bit and share a few laughs before getting back on the road to grab my lunch. I normally pack a lunch (left overs from the night before) but I haven’t been cooking very many dinners lately so I stop at McD’s and grab a meal to take back to the office.
As I eat my lunch I try to read Anna Karenina. I have been working on this book for months. It’s taken me this long because the only time I have to read is during my lunch and during the last few months I have been studying during my lunch. I’m finally less than 100 pages from the end, but I have a hard time reading it because the boss man (whose office is connected to mine) keeps interrupting to ask me questions about work. It’s already 1 o’clock and all I want to do is have my normal hour long lunch (30 minutes of which have already passed) without interference. This doesn’t happen when he’s in the office during my lunch, which, thankfully, isn’t often.
I close my book early and just get to work on the form again. I finally get it finished around 2. I start working on other little odds and ends before my phone rings and it’s the executive admin asking if I’ve finished the performance report. I apologize for being so late and jump into the file to update it. Once that is done I begin working on the guides again.
Mid-way through that the admin calls me because she’s having trouble with a mail merge. I relunctantly get up to meet her in her office. I spend the next 30 minutes fixing the issue and by now it’s 4:45 and just about time for me to leave. I save my documents and shutdown my computer. Bossman & I go over the day and what’s to come this week as I pack everything up into my book bag. On our way out the receptionist (and favorite co-worker of my) strikes up a conversation and we end up talking to her for another 30 minutes before walking out to our cars.
I stop at Walmart on my way home to pick up some real food that I will actually prepare and cook (chicken & Alfredo broccoli). By chance I see Receptionist again and we chat it up a bit before splitting ways. I get home and spend a bit of time catching up with my husband before going to the kitchen. He heads to the living room to finish installing the ceiling fan. We tease each other and keep up a light banter as we go about our own tasks. By the time dinner is ready, the ceiling fan is installed and working. I dish out our plates and we both sit down with some vodka & coke and enjoy the rest of our night watching The Sweetest Thing. This is a special moment for us. When we first got married I was a bit of a prude and insecure. I got all flustered when they were walking around in their underwear and talking about sex so much and we didn’t finish it. Immediately after shutting it off we got into an argument because I was so sensitive. I’ve grown quite a bit in 4 years and it feels good to be able to watch a movie that once cause me insecurity without the slightest bit of anxt.
After the credits have finished I change the laundry from the washer to the dryer and hop into bed, ready for sleep. But I postpone it a bit longer to complete this day’s challenge. I probably have a bunch of typos and my grammar is probably terrible, but I’m not going to proof read this post because frankly tomorrow is going to be a long day and I just don’t have the energy to stay up any longer.

Good night. I hope you enjoyed this peak into my life.


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