2. Look-Ahead: The Next 12 Months

Something I am looking forward to in the next 12 months is finishing our living room. Right now we are working on  turning our living room into a theater room. We will be making movie poster frames to put over the windows to blackout the light, but to be more decorative than just blackout curtains. My husband has been working on the wiring for the new lights, switches, and new ceiling fan over the last couple of days. The projector is already mounted along with the 130″ screen and 60″ TV behind that. We turned the small “coat” closet into our media/console center. This closet houses our surround sound receiver, gaming consoles, media center computer, internet router & modem, and any other consoles we may acquire throughout the years.

We will be painting the room (walls & ceiling) a deep chocolate brown using a mixture of gloss and matte paint. We want to do stenciling (something like a paisley design, just not so busy), but not in 2 different colors. We’ve seen a few pictures where using gloss and matte paint in the same color gives a look of two colors, but only subtly, so we are going to go with that. We wanted to have both our love seat and couch facing the projector screen, but there was the problem of seeing past one or the other. So my husband built a platform to put our couch on so that anyone sitting on the couch can still see the screen over the love seat.

It’s taking us quite a bit of time to pull together because we don’t have a lot of expendable money, so we’ve just been doing a bit here and there whenever we have a little bit of extra money. Hopefully by the end of the summer, maybe early fall, we will be able to have everything done except carpet. Since carpet is so expensive that will probably have to wait a few months after we’re done with the rest.

The living room already feels like a movie theater with the surround sound and size of our projector screen, so I can only imagine how much more it’ll feel like one once all these little accents come together. I’ll try to remember to post some pictures once it’s all done.

We’ve been renting and it’s nice to finally have our own place to mold into what we want. I didn’t realize it would make that much of a difference, moving from renting to owning, but it really does. I was never going to waste money on a place that I would be moving out of at some point, so I never looked for things that needed improvement or even doing a whole lot of decorating (I don’t think I even had pictures hanging up in our apartment). But now that we have our own place, we can spend hours talking about what we want to change and ways that we can personalize the space and make it our own. Not only does it allow us to show our personalities through our living space, but I think it’s bringing us closer together as a couple.


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