The Dragonborn

Creeping up the hill he’s silent as a mouse. He peeks over the edge, counting the heads of his enemies as he prepares his bow. Slowly, steadily he pulls the feathered tip of his arrow and bow string back to his cheek. He takes a deep breath and holds steady as he releases the string.
The arrow glides through the air. It’s silent and right on target. The unknowing victim begins to turn around. He is met with the tip of the arrow as it pierces his skull. His body falls limp to the ground.
The Dragonborn is on his feet, moving quickly and effortlessly through the grass. He crouches behind a rock and takes aim as the first to notice the fallen body attempts to realize what just happened. Before his mind has fully registered the terror about to ensue, his body, too, is limp and on the ground.
Now the alarm has sounded and the men are moving quickly to guard the parameter. Eyes of every shape and color are darting back and forth, both hoping they find and don’t find the Dragonborn.
He moves too quietly for their ears to hear and too quickly for the eyes to know. Was it him or just a bird taking flight? Their eyes focus on the south , where the arrow came from. They do not realize he has already made it to the north end of the camp.
A guard hears a light whistle a second too late. His body falls from his post high in the tower, falling forty feet to the hard ground below.
The Dragonborn never stays in one spot. While they look for him in the north he has already moved to the south. His arrow finds its newest victim with ease. The guards on the battlements and in the towers have all met their death. The men on the ground tremble as their feet shift and they try to brace themselves for a fate they do not desire.
The Dragonborn has crept into the shadows and slithers through the camp unnoticed. He holds a light sword in his right hand and a menacing dagger in his left. The dagger is made of a darkened mineral, its deep green hue and jagged design feel weathered and experienced in the art of disembowelment.
The Dragonborn approaches his next victim from behind. He is a young guard, quivering and sniveling in fear. For a moment The Dragonborn thinks of letting him live, but then he remembers the haneos acts this guards have done. Killing or imprisoning women and children with only the small crime of worshipping Talos, a man who died a god.
The guard’s hands find his bleeding neck. Crimson blood flows freely from the wound. He gargles his own blood and slowly falls to the dirt as his vision fades to black.
Only three remain, the Ghost moves quickly elimating the head of the first with one smooth swing of his sword. His feet carry him effortlessly the 50 feet to the next guard. He puts up a small fight. Their swords clanging for an instant before he’s holding his own intestines in his hands.
The last is shaking but standing his ground. The Dragonborn admires this bravery. In spite of his eminent demise the guard rushes forward swinging his battleaxe ferociously. The Dragonborn dodges the heavy steel and swings his sword around but the guard is quicker than anticipated. The sword misses him by less than an inch and he has already reset his stance. Prepared to fight to the death. He rushes forward again, not waiting for the Dragonborn to initiate.
The axe glances off the sword and the dagger finds its mark, buried to the hilt in the courageous guard’s stomach. A look of confusion and shock crosses the guards face as he slowly drops to his knees.
The Dragonborn pulls his dagger from the last victim, triumphant, victorious. He searches through crates and barrels, plundering chests and looking for jewels. The ground shakes and a new adventure begins as the Elder Dragon flies overhead.

—— —— —— —— —— ——


I was feeling not so inspired this morning and then I saw this picture (not sure of the origin) and thought about writing out an experience from my all time favorite game – Skyrim. I have spent more hours than I care to share playing this game. It’s like an alternate reality for me. It helps me relax after a rough day. You fight in the game but you also do a lot of searching for different treasure and can almost feel like an archeologist finding artifacts that date back thousands of years. Just another little tidbit to give you insight into my life.


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