Pump the Brakes

Slow me down, send me the sun
This storm is too crazy
The rain, the wind, the lightning, the hail
It blows unceasingly
It pours until everything is flooded
The sky is lit in the charges of lightning
I run, I keep running
I move as quickly as possible
I cannot be carried any faster
Where is the sun?
Where is the calm?
I muster what strength I have left
I put all my energy into this run
I keep running
My chest heaves, my lungs burn
My face stings as the rain pelts my skin
My legs ache, my muscles tighten
My heart beats too fast for me to count
When will this end?
When can I stop?
I’ve been running for days
No break for my tired body
No break for my weakened mind
I run, I keep running
Will this storm rage on forever?
Will it ever cease to exist?
I run without thinking now
I’m a robot, I don’t know how to stop
I run for miles, I don’t know how to stop
My breathing is labored, how could I stop?
My legs feel like jello, there is no way to stop?
My feet carry me further, they refuse to slow
The sun is on the horizon
I can see it coming through the clouds
I tell my body to slow down
I tell my feet to stop running, to walk
I tell my lungs it will be over soon
I tell my heart it will be able to rest
But nothing is changing
I’m not showing down
My pace hasn’t changed
I yell at my legs
I scream for my muscles to listen
I cannot stop myself
I cannot end this mechanical running
Someone has to come along
Someone will slow me down
Will anyone be able to help?
Someone please pump my breaks!



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